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Your customers will love receiving their favorite ale in this Libbey 2329SA450 17.5 oz. Maxim beer mug! Featuring a durable, heavy base and a comfortable yet hefty handle, this large capacity mug will never topple as you slide beverages across the bar to thirsty customers. Its classic design is the perfect pairing between style and functionality. The base features an intricate, flowering design molded in for visual appeal, while the flat top of the handle gives your patrons excellent control when sipping your best brews.

Libbey 2329SA450 17.5oz Maxim Mugs

  • 144 pcs 288 pcs 504 pcs 1008 pcs 2016 pcs 5000 pcs
    $3.89 $3.59 $3.29 $3.09 $2.99 $2.79


    1 Color Print Only

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