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Showcase your shots of liquor in style at your restaurant or bar with this Libbey 5126 2 oz. fluted shot glass! Designed with durability and style in mind, this glass boasts a thick, faceted sham and round base that enhances stability without sacrificing its classic look. The clean, slightly tapered sides make it easy to hold and transport from the bar or kitchen to your guests. Plus, the small, 2 oz. capacity is versatile and allows you to serve anything from signature shots to decadent desserts.

Libbey 5126 2oz Shot Glass

  • 144 pcs 288 pcs 504 pcs 1008 pcs 2016 pcs 5000 pcs
    $2.19 $2.05 $1.90 $1.79 $1.59 $1.55


    1 Color Print Only

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