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Impress your guests with the classic, elegant look of this Libbey 7500 Vina 8 oz. flute glass. Its tall, narrow bowl helps maintain the effervescence and flavor profile of your best bubblies, making it a favorite at restaurants, bars, and special catered events. With its versatile look, this glass can be used for a variety of popular drinks, like sparkling wine, refreshing mimosas, and of course, champagne!

Libbey 7500 Vina 8oz Flute Glass

  • 144 pcs 288 pcs 504 pcs 1008 pcs 2016 pcs 5000 pcs
    $3.49 $3.09 $2.99 $2.89 $2.79 $2.69


    1 Color Print Only

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