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Designed with both sophistication and elegance in mind, this Libbey 8420 Grande Collection 19.5 oz. vino grande wine glass is perfect for upscale restaurants and bars. Boasting a sleek, rounded design, this wine glass has a long, sturdy stem and wide foot for added stability. It also has an ample 19.5 oz. capacity, enabling you and your employees to pour the perfect amount wine. Plus, it features a rolled rim for easy sipping. Made of crystal-clear glass, Libbey's Grande Collection line has a classic look that will allow you to serve your guests in style!

Libbey 8420 19.5oz Vino Grande

  • 144 pcs 288 pcs 504 pcs 1008 pcs 2016 pcs 5000 pcs
    $4.19 $3.99 $3.69 $3.29 $3.19 $2.99


    1 Color Print Only

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